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Over the past week or so I have had at least a dozen people ask me if I have multiple projects going at once.  Maybe we’re all getting to that point in the season where we want to see some of our WIPs finished and have less on our plate?  I know I’m feeling a little itchy to share some actual, finished projects with you.

So the answer is, YES.  I always have more than one project going.  I feel like this is a very personal thing and something that is different from knitter to knitter, crocheter to crocheter, spinner to spinner.  I’ll tell you about myself – you tell me about yourself in the comments!


My Top-Down Sweater is almost done!

I am both a process and a product knitter/crocheter.  I want to enjoy working on something and enjoy wearing it or giving it away when it is complete.  In order to find harmony in my yarn life I have several categories of projects going at once.

The Tiny: I almost always have a sock.  I can grab it and stuff it into my purse in a knitting emergency.  While I’m debating the next sweater, I can pick it up and enjoy knitting without making a hasty decision about that sweater.  It lets me think and eventually I have a finished pair of socks!  Also… I love sock yarn.  I have a whole bin of it and yard for yard is the majority of my stash at home.

The Middle Ground: A hat, cowl, mittens or a baby-something is usually stuffed into a project bag.  A lot of times this is a gift project and I’ll work in it a little faster than my other projects.  It usually has a quicker deadline but it is a smaller project so it gets done faster.

The Store Project:  This runs the gamut of sizes and yarns.  As a store, we pick out our own samples.  This lets us have control over the color, size and style of what we display for inspiration.  I usually have something going for the store and sometimes I get to wear it when it’s done being a sample.

The XL: I have to admit that I keep things easy.  Most of my projects will fall into the “Advanced Beginner” to “Intermediate” category.  But here – my XL Project – is where I’m trying something new and/or complicated.  I’m a little maxed out at the moment, actually.  I have three XXL projects going, though I’m about to dial it down to two.  I have a double knit cowl started, which is a totally new technique for me, and a colorwork, steeked cardigan, which is just a big project.  I also have a hat that I started for crochet month and it has me so stumped I’m going to throw it in timeout for a bit.

I know that if I focus on ONE project at a time I see the finished product faster.  And so, within my categories, I usually have a project I favor because I want to see it done.  But I never only have ONE project going at a time.  The thought of finishing something and not having the next thing lined up to go, or having a sock to knit on while I’m debating colors for a hat for my sister, just sends me into panic mode!  What kind of knitter/crocheter are you?  Do you have more than one thing going right now?

Sensible Shawl WIP

A “Sensible Shawl” in progress, almost done!