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For many knitters and crocheters the holidays are a time to work our fingers to the bone.  You knit, knit, knit into the late hours of the night, and crochet by dawn’s early light.  You deserve something special, yourself!  Have you been thinking about some new needles or hooks?

This season, I am very happy to offer you a selection of interchangeable needle and hook sets that will knock your socks off!

Celeste and I have both been using our Knitter’s Pride Dreamz Deluxe set for about a year now and are very happy with them.  You may have seen them featured here in some of our FO posts.  Their flexible cords and pointy tips have helped us through many projects, conquering splitty yarns and magic looping!

The Dreamz Deluxe set features:

  • US size 4-11 needle tips
  • 1 24″ cord, 2 32″ cords, 1 40″ cord
  • 4 cord keys for tightening
  • 4 sets of stoppers for the cords
  • 1 set of size markers
  • $82.99

The Nova set provides a smooth metal needle along with all of the flexible cords and features of the Deluxe Dreamz.  $62.99

For the crocheters in our audience, we have a Dreamz hook set!  The Dreamz are color-coded, as you can see, and have a very smooth finish.  These hooks were designed by crocheters for crocheters and are a pleasure to use.

  • US sizes E through L
  • designed by crocheters
  • hook head designed to prevent stitches from slipping
  • stitches slide easily
  • $47.99

And last, but not least, we have a very unique set in stock – the Dreamz Tunisian hook set!  This set features the same sizes as the single crochet hook set, but each hook tip screws into a cord for long tunisian crochet rows.  How fun is that?!  $54.99

If you’re thinking about getting one of these (or sending Santa in to pick one up) stop by sometime soon.  We have a limited supply and reorders will be ongoing!