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I can’t believe it was nearly a week ago — how time flies as we count down to the holiday season!  This past Sunday I taught my first-ever workshop for my Rocky Peak Ridge hat pattern at Sage Yarn, and it was just awesome to see everyone’s enthusiasm!  We spent the first part of class reviewing the chart and directions, focusing on rules for knitting in the round.  Then it was time to jump in to working with two hands — and everyone did an absolutely fabulous job!  Just think about how many thousands. . . millions . . . of stitches your dominant hand has had to practice on, and you’ll understand how huge it was for everyone to try working with their non-dominant hand for two hours!  I was so impressed, and I think some folks even impressed themselves!  By the time we were wrapping up, there was lovely stranded colorwork all around — and it was fun!  Thanks so much to everyone who participated for making my first-ever out-of-town teaching experience so positive, and so pleasant!  I had a fabulous time!

I’d like to send a special thanks to Jane for her help during class, and to Carol for running the shop while we were knitting away!  And of course, a huge thank you to Dave for helping us get set up, and to Jen for her flawless planning and delicious coffee.  And thanks to the NE Patriots for keeping us company, too 😉  I can’t wait to do it again!  Won’t you join me?