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Pattern: Henslowe by Beth Kling, available via Ravelry Download

Yarn: Prism Delicato, 100% Tencel, 1 hank, Ivory colorway

Needles: US 4, Dreamz interchangable circular needles
This was just the project I needed!  It was the exact right amount of thinking, the exact right amount of NO thinking, and an absolutely wonderful yarn to touch.  I had never worked with 100% tencel before, and as I mentioned last time, I have been treating it as I would a silk yarn.  It doesn’t have the elasticity of the sock yarn that is called for in the pattern so I made a few accommodations to ensure success.

First, I decided to use pointy needles and it was the best decision I could have made.  This yarn is a plied silky yarn, and if you are using blunt needles you can split the plies very easily.  With pointy needles I had no problem!  Second, I made sure that my increases were as large as my regular stitches.  Sometimes, when I do a yarn over increase, I pull that yarn over a little tighter than the other stitches.  In this case, it was important that I kept my yarn over a normal tension because I would use picking up stitches into that edge later on.

I hope you’re inspired to make a Henslowe shawl!  What a wonderful way to keep your shoulders warm, or wear as a light scarf, in these early fall days!