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A new yarn landed in the store a week or two ago and I knew I had to cast on for some lace.  As soon as that Curlicue Coverlet was bound off I was printing out a copy of Henslowe.

This pattern calls for a light fingering, but the yarn I’m using, Prism Delicato, is labelled as a laceweight.  If you look closely at it, it is made of up a bunch of very thin plies and it’s a nice round yarn.  I’m banking on it being a “heavy laceweight” to get an appropriate sized shawl.  And YES I did do a gauge swatch, over garter stitch, and got gauge (so we’ll see!).  This is a gorgeous yarn but needs to be wound into a ball carefully.  However you might treat a silk yarn, treat Delicato the same way – it’s slippery!

I love this pattern.  I love the garter stitch center, which was just wonderful, mindless knitting that I could pick up and put down while wrestling the puppy.  The stitches for the first edging are then picked up along the curved edge and knit down.  I’m moving right along with it and will soon be on the knitted-on border.  The instructions are clearly written and easy to understand and I’m such a happy knitter right now!

Pattern: Henslowe by Beth Kling, available via Ravelry Download
Yarn: Prism Delicato (100% Tencel), 1 hank of Ivory
Needles: Knitter’s Pride Dreamz Interchangables, US 4