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We are at the very beginning of quick accessory season and I already have a ton of wonderful patterns to choose from in my queue.  I decided to start with this quick, pretty cowl, after seeing one made by one of our wonderful frequent customers.

Pattern: Barred Scallop Cowl by available free via Cascade.com
Yarn: Cascade Casablanca, one hank, color #12
Other great options: Cascade Eco Duo, Plymouth Gina, Crystal Palace Mochi +

This pattern is nicely repetitive – knit the same 2 row sequence 5 times, then knit a garter stitch stripe.  Repeat until it’s as long as you want!  For me, 12″ was just right, though I had enough yarn that I could have kept going.  I gave it only a light blocking with some steam before I came in to work today and it relaxed nicely.  You could also pin out the scallops into more of a point if you wish.  The pattern calls for a 16″ circular needle but I could fit it comfortably on a 24″.

One thing to note about Casablanca –
Poor Casablanca is getting a bad rap for drifting apart or breaking in places.  There are a few things to think about before you decide your skein is defective.  This is a “single ply” woolen yarn – if you knit or crochet in such a way that you are untwisting the fibers the yarn will come apart.  Without the twist, it’s just wool!  If this is happening to you, try working from the other end of the ball – then you’ll be adding twist instead of taking it away.  Also, if you usually use a long-tail cast on, you will be untwisting it no matter what you do.  Try a cable cast-on (knitted cast-on)  or backwards loop cast-on while working with this yarn.

Don’t let this scare you away!  Casablanca is a pleasure to work with and I’ll be going right back to it for a scarf for my sister-in-law.  I think I even need to add a few more colorways to our stock!  What is your favorite colorway out of the line up?  Fall and Camp Fire are on my wish list.