Celeste came to visit this weekend and we dove right into a huge Work In Progress – rearranging the store. 

I had been wanting to clean things up for a while now.  Even though I felt like we had some good displays there were some nooks and crannies where the yarn just got lost in the dark.  No more!

We somehow managed to create a nicer flow to the space, while still displaying all of the yarn we carry in a neat and organized way.  You move naturally from one yarn to the next as you shop around the store.  We are still arranged by gauge and most of the yarn is in the same location as before.  There is a seating area in the back, both for knit/crochet nights and classes.  We hope you will stop by and check it out for yourself!

In the coming weeks we will be taking advantage of our new open classroom space to hold classes in knitting, crocheting and spinning techniques.  Watch this space or facebook for updates!