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I had hoped to have a finished Vitamin D for our FO Friday this week, but progress has been slow due to…

…a puppy in the house!  This is Callisto, our Great Pyrenees of 12 weeks.  I’m exercising defensive knitting – knit a few, “noooo, DROP IT”, knit, w&t, purl, “OFF!”  Every time I get up from my knitting it goes straight into a bag or on a high counter.  We’ve already caught her making a run for the ebony interchangables (yikes!)


Cadbury, my nom de Ravelry, is all honey badger.  He don’t care.


“What?  knitting?  What else is new?”




I do have a finished scarf for you – the Noro (Gina) striped scarf:

Pattern: Noro Striped Scarf formula, as posted by Brooklyn Tweed
Yarn: Plymouth Gina, 2 balls of color 3 and 2 balls of color 9







Though I used two balls each of two different colorways, have some fun with it!  You could choose 4 different balls altogether, or you could stripe a solid yarn along with the striping yarn.  You could even play with texture a bit – how about a striping yarn and a coordinating solid held together with a lace mohair?  Find a way to take this pattern and make it your own, you creative knitter you!