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Passion Fur is the newest in Plymouth Yarn’s line of ruffly novelty yarns.  Though it would probably make a fun edging to mittens or a hat, it also works up to a wonderfully soft, fluffy scarf.  Even though the yarn itself looks a little unusual, don’t be afraid!  We’ll show you how it works and you’ll have a finished scarf in just a few hours!

We will be knitting this scarf but you can also crochet.  If you want to crochet, I would recommend using the same method as we did for Scandalicious – our other fluffy ruffle yarn.  If you do crochet you can get TWO scarves out of one hank!

This post has a lot of photos – you can click on them to make them bigger!

Step one: Purchase a skein of Passion Fur from your favorite Cape Cod yarn store!

Step two: Open up the skein and spread out the circle of yarn.  Find where it is tied together, but don’t cut it yet!







Step 3 – Put the loop of yarn over something to keep it safe, so you don’t get it all tangled.  Now you can cut the ties – hang on to them for later!

Step 4 – Wind it into a giant fluff ball

Step 5 – Find the end, and “cast on” 3 stitches by picking up three loops from the top edge of the net.  If you want to tuck in the end, fold a length of it over, and put your needle through both layers.

Step 6 – Knit every stitch and every row, until you almost run out of yarn.  To get into a good rhythm with this yarn I like to put my needle in the next stitch, then spread out the working yarn, as Carol is doing here, and find the next loop.  Put the loop on the needle and complete the stitch.

Step 7 – Bind off like normal, but using a piece of coordinating yarn  to tack the last stitch down so it doesn’t unravel (the ties from the hank, back in step 3 work nicely!).  Don’t worry about a specific method for this – you won’t see it underneath all the fluff.

Step 8 – Enjoy your scarf!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.  We want you to be successful and happy in your knitting adventures!