It’s hard to believe it’s already been a month since we started our knitalong, but here we are!  It’s amazing how knitting something along with friends (virtual or in-person) can keep you motivated.  I have been purposely setting aside some time to work on it every few days, to keep the ball rolling and keep up with my fellow knitters.  It helps that we are all pretty laid-back and have set appropriate goals for ourselves!  I think it might be fun to put more knitalongs and crochetalongs into our class schedule at the store, so we can all motivate each other through our projects.

This is a top-down pattern, which typically starts at the neck, increases for the sleeves, and then splits at the underarms to work the sleeves separately.   In this particular pattern, the designer, Heidi Kirrmaier, has you working the sleeves first before returning to the body, which is just fine by me!  The body of the cardigan has some short-row shaping and, while it shouldn’t be particularly difficult to do, I wasn’t quite in the mood to think about it yet.  Working my way down the sleeve in stockinette, with some decreases, is just about my speed right now.

Carole, Kathy, Lisa and I are all working on our sleeves, and hoping to get together sometime soon to work through our first wrap-and-turn sections together!

Ravelry pattern link – available via pdf download!