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It is truly alarming how often I say, “It seems like just yesterday that…”  But honestly, it feels like we just wrapped up our last big sale and how we’re teetering on the edge of our biggest sale of the year.


The Falmouth Village Street Fair takes place every year on the Wednesday after the 4th of July.  This year, it will be this coming Wednesday, July 11.  It is always a great event!  Main Street shops (such as Sage) open their doors and spill out into the street, which is closed to traffic.  Vendors set up their booths and sell everything from flower arrangements, to pottery, to kids toys.

Sage extends this day of fun, providing a Street Fair PREVIEW sale.  Our sale starts on Monday, July 9th!  Very early on we realized that there were some who would love to take advantage of our sale but, for one reason or another, could not make it down to Main Street on fair day.  So we set everything up two days ahead of time!

You will find sale yarn in different sections – $1, $2, $3 and $5 sections will be on display, similar to the Super Bowl Sale but STUFFED to overflowing.  This is our clearance sale – we have to clear it out!  All of the regular stock yarn will be 10%-30% off, and there will be a bookcase of sale books and booklets in addition to our $1 pattern leaflet crate.  You can tell we have big things planned when we’re moving such great yarns out of here at such amazing prices (think, Berroco Pure Merino $3 a ball and Reynolds Top Seed Cotton $2 a hank!)

We hope you will join us!

Monday, Tuesday 9am-6pm, Wednesday 9am-5pm
July 9th-11th