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I’m hard at work on my Vitamin D cardigan!  Like all top-down patterns, it grows very quickly — what’s not to love!?  Here’s the rundown of my experience so far:

  • I used a long-tail cast on in order to be ready to start on a wrong side, which is the setup row for our stitch marker placement.
  • I made a mental note that the make one increases are designed to lean away from the raglan “seams”
  • I have a tendency to knit slightly tighter than I purl, which can be very unsightly on a sweater with lots of stockinette.  I’ve had to be careful to purl very firmly.  If you look closely at my photos, there’s a subtle line here and there running across the fabric, which we call “rowing out.”  If it continues, I can try this clever fix: with right side of fabric facing and using an interchangeable needle set, attach the size 4 tip to the left end of the cable and a size 3 tip to the right end of the cable.  This will allow me to knit using the larger tip and purl back using the smaller tip, creating a slightly smaller (tighter) purl stitch without having to consciously change my knitting style.
  • I’ve gotten the hang of the pattern really quickly — after each yarn over radial increase row, I have seven very simple rows: right side raglan increase rows and wrong side “resting” rows with no pattern or shaping to worry about.
  • I know from experience that this yarn makes it difficult to hide my ends when I change skeins, so I’m taking care to join a new ball at the beginning of the row.  I can hide the ends better after I’ve picked up stitches for the garter stitch border, as the pickup will leave a ridge much like a seam on the wrong side of the fabric.  I’ll hide my ends there!

Have you run into anything interesting or noteworthy?  Share it in our comments section!!!  Until next time, happy knitting!