Where do you do your best thinking?  Your best knitting?  Your best designing?  Tonight’s Motivation Monday post focuses on the space where I create: my studio!  Whether your space is large or small, a single corner or an entire room, I hope you’ll find some fun ideas to motivate your creativity!

My first concerns when I set up this room were lighting and storage.  I have a combination of warm and cool lights (note the different temperatures in the photos above), including a ceiling lamp, two small side lamps, and a torchiere.  I do a lot of colorwork, and the various lights come in handy.  The torch also has a flexible arm that I can pull close for detailed work.  For storage, I invested in a few large tote bins to sort my single-skein stash and leftovers by washability.  I make a lot of hats and love granny squares, and it’s important to me to know right away that the scraps I’ve chosen are all going to have the same care instructions.  The time it initially took to sort these was well worth it — I can grab and go for quick impulse projects without hesitation!  My sweater-quantity stash and yarns for current projects are arranged neatly into cube shelves scattered around the room.  I love being able to look around and be inspired by the colors around me, and keeping them neat and tidy maintains a general feeling of organization.  This last bit is so significant because. . .

I’m a creative chaos kind of girl — I tend to pull out lots of colors, textures, and pattern dictionaries when I’m working on a design.  Read between the lines: I make a huge mess!  I need space to spread out, step back, and gather my thoughts.  I left enough floor space to do this easily, and it doubles as my blocking area. Blocking mats, a slimline fan, and blocking pins are stored under the couch, easily hidden away when I’m not using them.  However, many of my other tools are used so often that it makes sense to leave them out.  The glass head I use to stage photos and block hats acts as decoration, as does the cute turtle-shaped needle sizer I picked up on our recent Grand Retreat.  I even keep pens out in easy reach as decoration, arranging them in a glass flower frog I found at a local flea market.  Smaller items fit into the cloth bins in my desk organizer unit, a mini version of the units I store yarn in.  A few members of my sheep collection keep this area looking like a fun display.  I’m a spinner too, and my wheels stay out as inspiration and to encourage me to spin more regularly.

Finally, let’s talk seating — so important!  I have an old rescued-from-the-curb chair that’s the perfect height for spinning, covered with a cozy blanket.  My comfy couch is just as important as the padded chair at my worktable, especially during longer sessions — or rainy days, when my dogs want to be by my side.  It’s been gratifying to create a space I can share with my two favorite four-legged friends!