If you’re a Facebook friend you may have heard that Celeste and I are on a big road trip! Over the past 3 days we have made our winding way from Albany to the TKGA Grand Retreat in Michigan, stopping along the way to see a London Yarn Shoppe, Bella Vita Farm, The Yarn Market, and Lost Art.

Before we even get into reporting on the retreat, I can’t help but reflect on the restorative power of doing something different. Wherever you are in your knitting or crochet career, we all hit a certain point where things seem kind of blah – whether you’re in the middle of a never-ending project, or just not feeling the dark brown yarn you loved last week. We at Sage try very hard to be your something different. New samples hanging up on the walls, or a rainbow of colors from which to choose your next project… we hope to help you restore your knit & crochet mojo every time you walk through the door.

Being the die-hards we are, so busy restoring others mojo, Celeste and I are restoring our own mojo with a little retail therapy. Since each yarn shop has a little bit of something unique, we have hit 4 (so far)! And, before even meeting our knitting superstars at the retreat, we are restored. Each shop owner, being the wonderful kindred spirits that they are, chatted with us about our little trip. We picked up some Zauberball from at the awesome London Yarns in London ON, home to the most beautiful Adult Surprise Jacket in all natural colors (Celeste even took a photo for inspiration!). From there we trekked out to Diane’s, where we scritched the chins of the friendliest Finn sheep you’d ever meet, and got a crash course in sheep breeding and spinning on a Canadian Production Wheel. Michele at The Yarn Market pointed out the most fabulous locally produced wool I’ve ever seen (and we took some [read: LOTS] home). And in Traverse City we met a knitting spitfire, Gerhild, who sold us both some gorgeous Rowan while talking about her experiences in the industry.

Yes, we have Works In Progress and Unfinished Objects. Yes, we both have stashes at home. Yes, we each have a yarn shop home base for which we have lots waiting on our to-do lists. But, we give ourselves permission to start something new and buy some new stash. In working on something new, our old WIPs get a much-needed break, and will soon be completed quickly when we return to them with fresh eyes!

The next time you feel you are falling into a slump or lull in inspiration, I highly recommend picking out something new and spending a few moments with a kindred spirit.  You might be surprised what you learn!  Stay tuned for scenes from our trip!