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I’m not exactly sure what inspired Plymouth Yarn Company to name their newest ruffly novelty scarf yarn Scandalicious, but it sure is pretty.  This is one novelty I can get behind!  Today’s WIP Wednesday isn’t really in progress, since it only took me 20 minutes (if that!) to finish.

Scandalicious Scarf

Plymouth Yarn Scandalicious,
1 skein, color 3
Size H crochet hook

If you love a good potato chip scarf, but are tired of all of the turning, these are the yarns for you!

The pattern is provided on the ball band and should be up on the Plymouth website shortly, but let’s talk about it here.  If you are familiar with these mesh-like scarf yarns you have probably used a pattern like this one, for Joy Metallic (which is so popular, we can’t keep it in stock!).  For this scarf, you can choose to knit it in this same way, except you use only 3 stitches and space your stitches 2 inches apart on the mesh.

I chose to do the “crochet” version, and even if you never crochet, or you hate to crochet, please read on to see what it’s like.  I feel like it’s the MUCH easier, faster version.  This version is exactly like Berroco’s free pattern for Lacey, which is also a very pretty ruffly scarf that works up super fast!

For this scarf you will be working along one edge of the mesh.   Start by folding the end of the mesh back on itself for a few inches.  Put your hook through both layers at the edge – this is your first stitch.  Move two inches down the same edge, and put your hook through again.  Move down two more inches and put your hook through one more time.  You should have 3 “stitches” on your hook.

Now, use the hook to pull stitch number 3 through stitch number 2.  Next, pull that stitch through stitch number 1.  DONE!

Repeat this sequence until you are almost out of yarn.   “Bind off” the last stitch by pulling the tail all the way through the last stitch.  If you want to be safe you can tack it down with sewing thread, but I didn’t.  I wish I was timing it, because it really took me no time at all!  Even if you take your time, you could whip out a pile of these for everyone you know in just a few days.

At the moment, I have a whole ton of Scandalicious in stock.  I also have some very pretty colors of  Berroco Lacey and Plymouth Joy Ruffle, which will give you a solid-color ruffly scarf, instead of all the variegation.  If this is something you like, then stop by soon because it flies out the door!