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In part 1 we got to know the basics of combining the two fronts and back of a sweater to knit it in one piece (click here if you missed it).  Today, let’s combine the body and sleeves to finish the yoke!

Hopefully at this point you have knit your sleeves and body up to the armhole bind off row.  Instead of binding off for the armhole at either side, as you would if you were knitting flat, you will be binding off your total number of stitches smack in the center of your armhole.

For example – you should have a marker where the beginning of your round is on your sleeve.  Now, remember those seam stitches we took out at the beginning?  You should account for them here, as well.  If your instructions say to bind off 3 stitches at either side for the armhole, you will actually be binding off 2.   You will knit the next round to bind off 4 stitches.  Stop 2 stitches before the end of the round, bind off the next 4 stitches and finish the next round.

Apply this same information to the body of the sweater.  If the right side has you binding off 4 and the body has you binding off 4, add those two numbers together and subtract the two selvedge stitches.  You want to bind off 6 stitches total.  Stop 3 stitches before the marker between the two sides, bind off 6, and continue across the back to the next armhole.

When changing the numbers like this, it really does help to draw a chart or write out what bind offs happen at what point.  Your size may have more than one bind off row, though mine only had one.

Once you have your armholes all set, you’re ready to put everything onto one long circular needle.  It may help, before you get started, to lay out your pieces and see what’s going on.

For the next row, knit across the front in pattern, until the armhole.  When you hit the armhole, place a marker, then knit across the sleeve stitches in pattern.  Then place a marker and go straight to the back of the sweater.  By knitting across all of these stitches you connect them all into one piece.  Repeat with the next sleeve, placing markers between the pieces.  Now… I have to admit that one time, I knit into the inside of the sleeve and attached it inside out!  Take a moment to get your bearings, and thinking about how everything would line up if you were wearing it.  All of the right sides should be facing out.

Once everything is on the needle, you will be following the armhole decrease instructions for your size.  Remember to subtract one seam stitch at each edge – instead of k2, k2tog you have k1, k2tog.

As you knit, your decreases will eat up some of your stitch pattern.  This is what is supposed to happen, don’t worry!  As your decrease interrupts, you can switch to stockinette to finish out the length of the pattern.

Alrighty!  I hope that gives the basics, though I’m sure there are questions out there.  Please let me know if anything needs clarification or if you have any questions!