Every year we try to hold at least one Yarn Tasting here at Sage.  It is a really fun event where you get to try out new yarns without committing to the purchase of a hank or ball.  This spring we will be featuring a wide variety of yarns, instead of focusing only on spring yarns.  We always have fun gift bags, door prizes, and food on hand.  In order to have enough for everyone, we ask that you sign up ahead of time.  You can sign up by sending us an email at info@sageyarn.com and be sure to let us know which day you are attending, Friday OR Saturday.

THIS YEAR!  As an extra bonus, we are premiering our in-store Ravelry computer for customer use.  During our yarn tasting hours we will be providing demonstrations and answering questions on how to use all of the features Celeste and I depend on every day.  This in-store computer will allow us to sell you Ravelry patterns through Ravelry in-store pattern sales.  I am SO excited about this new feature, since we can display and promote some wonderful independent designers that are distributing their patterns via downloads.

What yarns are you hoping to try during the yarn tasting?  What is your favorite thing about Ravelry?  What has stopped you from using Ravelry or signing up for it?  Leave us a note in the comments!

Sage Yarn’s spring yarn tasting will take place

Friday, April 20th, from 5-8pm
Saturday, April 21st, from 9am-12pm

Here are some posts from the old blog, showing what past yarn tastings have looked like.  TOO MUCH FUN!  I tell ya.