“I’d like to crochet or knit but…

… I don’t have the time.”

I hear it all the time!  Many people who walk through Sage while shopping on Main Street express their desire to knit but claim they have no time for it.  If you’re reading this blog you probably have found some way to include your favorite hobby in your schedule.  How do you do it?

Jen: I have projects for different categories – I have TV knitting, car knitting, knit-night knitting, no-brainer knitting.  I usually have at least one crochet project going also, for something different.  Having different WIPs let me knit whatever mood or place I’m in!  So instead of trying to set aside an hour or two a day just to knit, I knit along with something else I am doing.  Surprisingly, I have very little time to knit at the shop.

If I have something I need to focus on I will save that for a scheduled quiet time.  Wednesday nights the store closes at 5pm, so I can get home and knit on something difficult before I’m too tired and the sun sets.  Sometimes I’ll save something I don’t really want to do (seaming, weaving in ends) for knit-night because the conversation is so fun I don’t mind working on it!  I always say I’m going to start getting up early for a little bit of extra knitting and coffee time, but I never do.  I love to sleep!

Deb:  Well, that’s easy – I just stay up ’til 2 in the morning.  If I’m not knitting by about 8:30pm I start getting cranky that I have to be doing something else.

Celeste: I’m knitting all the time, and actually have a deal with my husband (a film studies major) that he can designate knitting-free films or shows that he wants me to analyze with him.  Seriously!  Socks live in my purse because the day you take them out, you’ll spend 3 hours waiting at the doctor’s office.  I laminated the chart for a huge double-knit blanket I’m working on, and use it as a place mat at breakfast so I can knit while I have my coffee — the best $2 I ever spent at Staples!  For me, finding time to spin is the problem!

Tristan: I have to schedule in time to knit, probably about a week in advance. I am usually knitting when the tv is on since I can’t sit still, but right now I am so busy I even have to schedule my down time. My days get so crazy that on Sunday I have to say to myself “Thursday is your relax day!”. This way I can get enough done before then, that I don’t feel guilty when I make myself take an hour or two to relax and knit.