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I’ve been in the mood for something different.  Actually, I should probably admit that I am always in the mood for something different.  With every project I finish I start dreaming of something unrelated and new for my brain to focus on.  It makes things interesting for me and actually helps me complete projects faster, thinking about the next different thing. I hope that this is more entertaining for you, dear blog reader, than the same thing over and over!  So, this week, I started a lace scarf-

Pear and Trellis Scarf
Designed by Anne Hanson, photo via Knitspot.com

I have been bookmarking patterns from Anne Hanson for some time now and I’ve finally had a break in the work to-do list to cast on for something.  Her patterns are beautiful and provide great, accurate detail in instruction.  This pattern is no exception!  I have so much more to say about her patterns, I’m going to devote a separate post to it.  In the meantime, please, check out the volume and quality of work she produces, and her patterns (including this one) are available for download!

I love when I get to the top of a pear and close it up with a double decrease… and I love when I get to the 7 in 1 increase that begins the next pear.  A lace pattern like this really gives you a chance to watch the flow and direction of the stitches in your knitting.  On the wrong side, you purl straight across, which is a great rest!

I am using a merino/silk blend laceweight yarn from Grignasco, called Merinosilk 25 and it has been heavenly to use thus far (it isn’t on the website yet, but I’ll get on that, ASAP).  I just HAD to pick this bright green, due to both the pear-ness of it and the closeness of spring.

Project Details:
Pattern: Pear and Trellis Scarf by Anne Hanson
Pattern available as .pdf download, directly to you – here.
Yarn: Grignasco Merinosilk 25, in color 725
Needles: Addi Turbo Lace, US 3/3.25mm