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Sometime in March I start craving color.  Everywhere I go, I’m drawn to it.  At the grocery store I wander through the produce and floral departments just soaking it in.  On Main St. I window shop next season’s clothes, the prints and bright spring colors elevating my gray mood.  And, finally, I get stuck on the internet.

Well, I guess stuck isn’t the best word because I’m thoroughly enjoying myself and I do set a time limit so as not to interfere with actual work time.  But the internet is a wonderful resource for color inspiration, when the outdoors just hasn’t caught up to your requirements.  I love to browse websites like Design Seeds, whose color palettes keep me clicking.  The user-generated palettes of COLOURlovers offer not only a wide variety of color combinations, but also interesting proportions of those colors.

Today, I thought I’d try my hand at coming up with a few palettes of my own, in anticipation of an upcoming stripey project.  I’m thinking either a ripple blanket, some granny stripes or Greenway from Comfort Knitting and Crochet Afghans.

Mirasol Samp’aEncore WorstedUltra AlpacaWeekend

Are you craving some color these days?  How do you go about choosing your project colors?  I spend way too much time thinking about it!