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Okay, not literally, but I’m having a little bit of a problem.  I’m super psyched to try some (read: ALL) of the new yarns coming out this spring from Berroco and Cascade, among others.  At the same time, I’m feeling overwhelmed by my works-in-progress (WIPs), and feeling guilty (gluttonous!) about my ever-growing stash.  And. . . I’m thinking I’m not alone!

Here’s my plan: I’m going to work through my WIPs and favorite stash this year, but I’m also going to continue supporting my local yarn store (LYS) and feeding my need for new yarns!  For every WIP I finish, I’ve decided that I can pick out yarn for a new project, in like quantity.  That means if I finish a pair of socks, I can grab a new skein of that gorgeous Opal in VanGogh colorways.  If I want yarn in sweater quantity, I need to crank out one of my larger half-finished languishing projects, or two smaller ones.  I’m hoping to kick all my WIPs and feel free to cast on willy-nilly for whatever strikes my fancy!

I’m also going to get real with my stash.  I’ve grown a lot over the last five years, and the yarns I loved at the beginning of my “serious” knitting period are not the same as the ones I value now.  Ravelry is a great resource for destashing yarns, either by posting them in your stash under the trade/sell category, or by joining a swap or destashing group.  Donating quality yarns to a charity group or retirement center is also a wonderful idea; just be sure to check out specific guidelines first. The yarns that make it through this process will be reorganized by weight and color into my new-and-improved stash to increase the chances that I’ll be able to find and use them for just the right project.  Help me stay on track, would you please?

Finishing this. . .                            . . . means I deserve a few of these!