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There’s a big game coming up with a big local team and some BIG hopes and dreams!

Here at Sage the big game means a big, BIG sale!  I have a lot of plans for the store and, in order to have more buying power, we have to move a few older things along.  This might be the most aggressive we have ever been with our discounts.  To get to the point, though…

Super Weekend Sale
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
February 3, 4 & 5

Your Super Weekend Sale purchase could be

Gather your purchases and head to our counter to check out.  When it’s your turn – spin the wheel of prizes.  You could get an additional discount on your already-sale-price yarn or you could get your whole haul for FREE!  If the Patriots are playing to win it all, you should also!

The caveat is that you choose your purchases and THEN spin the wheel.  Once you’ve spun and won your prize you can’t go back to add to your pile.  But EVERYONE WINS!  You win a great discount with every purchase and I win a fun weekend with my customers and a chance to bring in some new and exciting inventory.

What will be on sale?
For Super Weekend we always do ALL of the yarn on sale.

  • One section has bins with $1, $2, $3, and $5 yarn.  These are vintage yarns from the back room, odd lots of current yarns or discontinued colors.
  • The next few sections are percentage discounts – 50% off, 30% off and 20% off groups.  These are usually only discontinued lines, however this year I’m including current yarns that we simply have a lot of stock in (hint, hint! Some good stuff in this category!).
  • Finally, all of the rest of the yarn is 10%.  Sale prices are only for in-stock items, though you can rest assured that I stocked up on Encore and Ultra Alpaca for this very reason.  Any special orders placed will be at regular price.

I encourage you to check out our website for our yarns, colors, current prices and quantity (hint! hint! You could guess that things that are already in the bargain bin might be further discounted).  If you can’t be here in person please give us a call and we’ll take your order over the phone.

Alrighty!  I hope I’ve covered everything and if you have any questions please leave a comment.  We’ll see you soon!