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This week’s finished object is Celeste’s Master Knitting Level II submission!  We’ve mentioned “master knitting” before, but wanted to explain it a bit more now that she’s moving up to Level III!

What is the Master Knitting Program?
It’s is an independent study course administered by The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA).  There are three levels, loosely defined as beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  Don’t be fooled — Level I is a challenge, to be sure!  Each level requires several swatches, research, and final projects, prepared and submitted as a portfolio for review by current Master Knitters.  These Masters evaluate the work, and send it on to a co-chair of the Master Knitting Committee for final review.  It’s an incredibly thorough process, and the feedback is truly phenomenal!

Why become a Master Knitter?
Bragging rights, of course!  There are only 247 names listed on TKGA’s website under Master Hand Knitters!  Seriously though, we both began working on the program back in 2008 when Jen’s mom, Debbie, suggested that it would be awesome to advertise that Sage’s samples were made by master knitters.  Each level is very involved, so it’s taken some (significant) time to work through.  Thank goodness there’s no time limit! Along the way, we’ve been amazed at how much our knitting has improved — small things like finishing details and perfect buttonholes to larger changes like even tension, eliminating gutters in ribbing and cables, and writing patterns!  The program trains you to look at your knitting in a new way, with an eye to perfecting your knitting and elevating your workmanship.  It’s a very traditional, old-fashioned guild approach to preserving the integrity of knitting and turning out true masters of the craft.  We are so proud to be part of it!

Want to try it out yourself?
First, buy a HUGE binder and a bunch of page protectors.  Oh, and some smooth, worsted-weight yarn like Cascade 220.  Then, hop on over to TKGA’s site and sign up!  You’ll need to become a member of the guild, then you can register to begin Level I.  Membership comes with a subscription to Cast On magazine, and you’ll also have access to free patterns and an archive of articles related to the Master Knitting Program.  There’s also an official TKGA group on Ravelry, and in our experience, everyone is really friendly!

We’ll be talking more about the Master Knitting Program over the next year, as Jen wraps up her Level II submission and embarks on Level III with Celeste.  Stay tuned!