Sometimes, positive words can have a big impact on a project.  It’s tough, though, because we can’t always find those words within ourselves.  We here at Sage can that voice for you – that person who tells you, “You CAN do it!”

I only got a few rows done today, but
it’s a few more rows than yesterday!

Try to remember that each project is a series of steps towards a goal.  One of those steps may be a challenge, but you will learn something because of it.

I had to spend some time fixing a mistake, but
having a well-fitting sweater is totally worth it!

If, when thinking about the amount of time it will take to finish your whole project you feel sad or overwhelmed, think only about the next step.  Move towards the completion of that next step and check it off the metal list!  DONE!  Like a little mini-project within the whole.

I got so mad at this sock-in-progress I couldn’t even look at it, but
I put it in “time out” for a while, and now we’re getting along again.

As we get deeper into this blog, Celeste and I would like to provide tutorials and instruction on specific things that stall your progress.  We want you to feel like you can do anything!  Please, leave us a comment with anything you would like us to address.  We’re both here for you!