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It’s a snow day for me!  So far this season The Cape has managed to dodge any kind of significant snowfall, but today it’s sticking around.  Tiny snowflakes building to fluffy inches of white….

In my last post about Aeneas I demonstrated how I used a locking stitch marker to keep track of the pattern row repeat.  Well, here are some additional handy uses for stitch makers, both locking and fixed!

Pretty markers made by Celeste

Fixed markers can mark things in knitting, such as:

  • The spot between the edging stitches and main stitches
  • Each time your stitch pattern repeats across the row
  • The beginning of your round
  • Where a decrease or increase occurs

Locking markers can mark things in knitting and crochet, such as:

  • The Right Side of your fabric
  • The start of an armhole or other decrease/increase

    Locking markers and safety pins

  • The beginning of your round in crochet – you can move it with each round
  • A specific stitch, as in the center stitch of a double decrease
  • Each repeat of a group of rows – so you don’t have to count from the beginning
  • Your working loop of your crochet project – so that it doesn’t pull out when you’re not working on it

Don’t be afraid to us as many stitch markers as you need!  Patterns usually only include instructions for one or two “necessary” markers but you can mark anything you want.  If you have a lot going on, just jot down what your markers mean so that you don’t forget.

Do you have any other handy uses for your stitch marker collection?  We’d love to hear from you!