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I have a huge head, and lots of hair.  I know, my profile pic looks like it’s all straight and smooth, but most days my curls are wandering and winding away on their own path — so when I saw #25 in the current issue of Vogue Knitting, I knew I had to cast on!  Long enough to cover my ears, and loose-fitting to keep those curls from going flat.  Perfect!

Project Details:
Pattern: Cable Brim Cap, by Erica Schleuter
Yarn: Malabrigo Merino in color Violetas
Needles: Sizes 7 & 8 circular (Hiya Hiya interchangeable, 4″ tips)
Size: Adult
Special Notes: Pattern calls for Fibre Company Road to China and sizes 4 & 5 needles.  My gauge swatch required sizes 7 & 8.

The construction of this hat is very unique.  The cabled band is worked first, and uses short rows to create the earflap shapes.  Unfamiliar with short rows?  Think of it as working across part of the row, then turning around and working back to the beginning.  Do this a few times, and your work begins to curve as you build more fabric on one side than the other.

I’m not one for counting rows, so to keep track of where I am while following the cable chart, I use a post-it note (super sticky, thank you).  Here’s how: I cover the rows above the one I’m working on, moving my post-it up to the next row when I’m ready.  This helps me focus on my current row, but also allows me to see how my stitches should line up with the previous rows — so I’ll know right away if I’m off track.

Current Status: I’m done with the band and picking up all around it to create the crown of the hat.  Almost there!