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Now that we’re a few days into the new year, I think it may be time to list my yarn intentions for 2012.

Resolutions?  Nah… they just make me feel guilty and burdened.  Intentions – that’s the way to go!  Set a goal and try to meet it, while still going easy on yourself if it’s not working out.

The usual:

Clear out unfinished projects – finish or RIP!
Inventory the stash – keep, donate, sell, designate for specific projects
Cull the queue
Spin down the fiber stash

The challenges:

Complete TKGA Master Hand Knitting, Level II
Tackle STEEKS!
Knit with my own handspun

I’m sure I’ll be getting into more detail about these things in the near future, BUT FIRST  I need to see Celeste’s intentions to see if I forgot anything fun and exciting.  Celeste?


Ooh boy, my turn. Celeste here!  Let’s see. . . I definitely agree with getting my WIPs under control!  This is a “new year” tradition I began a few years ago, and I’m pretty tough on myself about it!  I haul out all the “hidden” projects (you know, the ones that you don’t even list on ravelry?) and sort into piles: finish ASAP, finish soon, finish a little later, and RIIIIIP.  More often than not, it’s two piles: ASAP and rip.  If it was in the ASAP pile last year and didn’t get done, it’s a rip.  No exceptions!  Like I said, I’m tough 🙂

Now, the challenges:

Complete TKGA Level III and become a genuine Master Knitter
Design and publish 5 new patterns
Knit and steek a fingering weight fair isle baby blanket, like this one

What are a few of your challenges for 2012?  We’d love to hear — and help, if we can!