Knitting Pure & Simple #2910 in Berroco Comfort

Celeste here, just back from a trip to see a friend’s new baby.  I knit a gorgeous ruffled blanket, bootees, and a few hats for this little girl, and getting the chance to see her in them was wonderful!  One of the best things about what we do, knitters and crocheters alike, is that we can keep people warm.  We make them cozy, make them smile.  It’s such a gift!

Get motivated to start a new project this Monday evening by thinking about the impact your work can have — I’m already dreaming of the cute sweaters, hats, and mittens this little girl will need throughout the winter!  In the meantime though, it’s definitely motivating me to wrap up a few of those WIPs.  That will totally justify new baby yarn, right!?